The following information is to help you prepare a risk assessment for your group’s visit to Rye Castle Museum East Street and/or Rye Castle Museum Ypres Tower.

Planning Visits
It is best to make a planning visit before you bring your group, so that you can assess potential hazards for yourself, both in our buildings and on your journey to us. The RCM East Street site is only open on weekends, but can be specially opened on weekdays by appointment. Please email to arrange a visit. Coach parking is not possible close to either Museum site.

Our buildings
All our public areas are maintained to assure that they are safe for visitors, as much as possible, bearing in mind that the Ypres Tower is a 13th Century stone building. These spaces are checked daily to remove or minimise hazards. RCM East Street is on one floor and has a ramp for wheelchairs. There is no lavatory at RCM East Street.
RCM Ypres Tower is a Medieval building. The site has slip and trip hazards both inside and outside due to the nature of the building. It has several floors, a spiral staircase with unequal treads and an open viewing platform at the top.
The nearest lavatories are in the Gun Garden, fifty metres away from RCM Ypres Tower and a few minutes walk from RCM East Street. No food or drink to be consumed in either museum. The nearest picnic area is in the adjacent Gun Garden.

Our people
Staff members are familiar with and comply with our Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy.

Fire and evacuation
We have evacuation procedures in place in case of fire and other emergencies. In the case of evacuation, groups are escorted out of the building by our staff or volunteers who work with teachers to ensure that all children are present and safe. Our buildings are fitted with fire alarm systems and emergency exits are clearly marked.

We have public liability insurance.

Health and safety
We have a written Health and Safety Policy and all staff receive training.

Please note that accompanying adults are responsible for the health and safety of their group and should remain with pupils at all times while in our buildings and during any emergency evacuations. We require the following staff to pupil ratios:

Preschool – 1 adults to three pupils
Special schools 1:4
Primary schools 1:6
Secondary schools 1:12

Further advice
If you need more information, please contact the office. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable visit to Rye Castle Museum.
For last minute changes, please contact us directly on
01797 227798

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