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The History of Rye Castle Museum

By Allan Downend, slightly adapted from the booklet An Introduction to Rye Castle Museum (1999) with some additional information from Geoffrey S Bagley and from Kenneth M Clark The Story of the Ypres Tower and Rye Museum (1975). 

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More on Medieval Rye

First posted in Invasion Coast, Rye Buildings and Defences, Rye Streets, Rye Town History

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The Story of Romney Marsh

Much of this article was provided by Jill Eddison, then with the Romney Marsh Research Trust.

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Camber Castle

Lamb House, Henry James and E F Benson

Rye’s Harbour in Tudor Times

Note:  this series of articles are about the old port of Rye at the confluence of the Rother, Tillingham and Brede Rivers.  Rye Harbour is a separate community nearer the sea developed in the 19th century.

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Watchbell Street

 by Jean Floyd.

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Mermaid Street 1891

By Sheila Maddock

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Rye Pottery: nearly 250 years of collectability

By Tarquin & Biddy Cole

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Pre Roman & Roman Times

By Jo Kirkham who is the principal author of all Invasion Coast articles.

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Norman & Medieval Times 1066 - 1485

by Jo Kirkham


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Ship Building in Rye

Rye’s Shipbuilding Industry
Text slightly adapted from an article by John Collard (1998)

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Smuggling in Rye and on Romney Marsh

A Brief History of  Local ‘Free Trade’

by Daphne Message

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by Vivienne Challans 

Vivienne is the granddaughter of Thomas L. Green who produced Tunbridge ware at Rye Mosaics on Market Road

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The History of the Cinque Ports

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