Rye Museum and Bridgepoint bring the Tapestry Project to Local Schools

Rye Castle Museum recently worked with Bridge Point to expose local schoolchildren to the Tapestry Project. A group of Museum volunteers explained selected panels of the Hastings Embroidery, which has been on show at Bridge Point, to local school children. With help from Rye’s Community Transport, local schools were able to visit the Tapestry Project during the past few weeks. A well scheduled transport system meant all of Winchelsea School and Beckley School were driven to Bridge Point and in half hour sessions were shown round the impressive Hastings Embroidery, which commemorates the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. Rye primary also viewed the embroidery but walked in the pouring rain to the event. Several private schools also came along.

The embroidery consists of 27 panels showing key points of a thousand years of British history from 1066 to 1966, when the embroidery was made. The museum education group chose several panels to explain in more detail to the children, many with local interest. Over the course of the past few weeks over 400 children have been able to view and enjoy the Tapestry Project. Many thanks are due to the Museum volunteers and to Bridge Point who had set up the exhibition.

The future of the Hastings Embroidery is uncertain, it will probably have to go back into storage, so visit if you can, to see the hard work of the Royal School of Needlework and the impressive history of Britain captured in a unique way. There is one last chance to see the Hastings Embroidery as the last viewing date is this week end 12th & 13th October. More information can be found at www.bridgepointrye.com.

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